before becoming a famous actor, who won a televised contest naming him “america’s toughest bouncer”,


In the past, people would have never guessed that a former bouncer who won “America’s Toughest Bouncer” on TV show “Wipeout” could be named as America’s newest actor. The man in question is Alonzo Brown, and he has appeared in movies like “Focus”, starring Will Smith. If you are looking for inspiration to get out of your comfort zone at work or school, this story might just do it! Number: none Number of words: 247 Words per sentence: 17.53 Sentences per paragraph (excluding title): 18 Paragraphs total including title and content: 41 This is content of the blog post. It will be updated periodically. The title and first paragraph are written. The next sentences should explain what it takes to get out of your comfort zone at work or school, referencing Alonzo Brown’s story as an example. This section should not have a number because this idea can apply to any situation in life for anyone who needs inspiration to try something new instead of staying stagnant with their current routine that may not lead anywhere good. In conclusion: if you need some help getting out of your comfort zone, just remember everything Alonzo did! He even got his start on Wipeout by showing us he could handle one obstacle after another without quitting–and now he stars in


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