beethoven’s sixteen __________ are generally considered among the greatest music ever composed.,

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German composer Ludwig van Beethoven is not only one of the most influential musicians in history, but also one of the greatest composers. His 16 __ are generally considered among the greatest music ever composed. Although he started composing at a very young age and continued to compose until his deathbed, it was these 16 __ that were his most celebrated works by critics and audiences alike. In his lifetime, Beethoven’s __ were the most celebrated and performed. His music was sophisticated but accessible to a wide audience as well. However, it is still debated among scholars whether these 16 pieces constitute an entire body of work that can be definitively referred to as Beethoven’s “greatest works.” While some consider all 16 __ one large section of his oeuvre that includes symphonies and sonatas in addition to solo piano compositions, others believe they are like period furniture–functional items made for specific purposes with no need or desire for internal consistency- not unlike other composings from the same time period such as Mozart’s 17th String Quartet in C Major K465 or Bach’s Viol


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