beer can silhouette,

beer, cheers, sunset @ Pixabay

We all know how a hipster would drink their beer. They would have it in a can, and they’d be using an old fashioned can opener to get that refreshing taste of hops and barley. Well, now you can show your love for our favorite beverage while also showing off your sense of humor with this creative drinkware! The Hipster Beer Can Silhouette features a silhouette of the classic American beer can design but with one twist: we’ve replaced the top label on the bottle with an awesome mustache! So take your best shot at being cool (we think you’ll do just fine) by ordering this funny gift today! Benefits: This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to show their love of classic American beer. You’ll make a hipster’s day with this unique and creative design! Plus, it will be really funny when they see that they’re drinking from a can with a mustache on top! Guideposts: Pulls off your sense of humor in an awesome way Classic iconic American beer design but with one twist Fun-loving gift idea for any occasion A perfect addition to your home bar or kitchen countertop, you don’t have to hide this fun drink ware away because it looks so good! It makes such a great present too – if we didn’t say so ourselves..we might not want to give these


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