beer can opener,

cans, aluminum, alcohol @ Pixabay

A beer can opener is a device that opens the top of a metal beer or beverage can. The first type of beer can openers were introduced by Canadian inventor C.J. Smith in 1963, and consisted of a circular blade with an insulated handle protruding from one side. The blade was manually rocked around the edge of the can, cutting through its top. The second type of beer can opener consists of a metal lever pushed down on both sides which cuts two parallel lines into one side and then slides along to make an incision in opposite direction on other side, thus opening up a T-shaped cut; this has become so common that it is often simply called “the T”. The third type includes various types of manual openers such as church keys or pocketknives. As well as electric powered models which are typically designed for commercial use but some variants may be used domestically, like battery operated models with rotating blades. Different styles exist to suit individual requirements and tastes – from small key ring types to table


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