beer can chicken holder,

chicken, barbecue, beer can @ Pixabay

Beer can chicken is a dish that is popular with many people because it tastes great, and the cooking method is easy to do. The recipe for beer can chicken calls for placing raw poultry on top of an opened beer can, which creates a space inside the cavity of the bird where you add seasonings like salt, pepper and other spices. The mixture will infuse into the meat as it cooks in your oven or grill. Here are some tips on how to prepare this delicious meal: -Place the chicken on top of an open can. Try using a full 12 ounce or 16 ounce beer, but don’t use something with too high of a percentage alcohol content like some beers that are over eight percent. -Pour out about half to two thirds of the liquid from inside the can before placing it inside your bird so you won’t have too much fluid spilling out into your oven later as it cooks. The idea is to cook it in its own juices and natural flavors rather than just relying on cooking liquids such as water or broth which may not taste all that great when they combine with other ingredients in your dish. -Add seasoning, including salt and pepper if desired, mix them together well until everything diss


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