beer can beach,

beer, beer can, beach @ Pixabay

This is the beach for you if you want to have a drink and relax without worrying about getting into trouble. The reason is that there are no rules at Beer Can Beach: it’s illegal to smoke, drink alcohol or litter here! There are also no vendors, and there’s a good chance you’ll be the only person on this beach for miles. This is one of those places where it can seem like you’re totally alone in your own little world. The sand looks as if someone spilled beer all over it with their cans then left them to dry out; hence its name! This place was once considered an illegal dumping ground but locals began spending time here after they realized how beautiful it was �� so now they protect and maintain Beer Can Beach themselves. But take care not to step on any discarded trash or bottles while exploring-it spoils what we think is such a special spot.” }]}} ]] ]] {}{} {} {{


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