5 Reasons Your Home Needs A Fresh Paint Job


Whether your home is in a big town or a small, beautiful suburb like Allen, your house should look top-notch. Besides, you may consider a color retouch once every few years when you are in Allen, as the humid, subtropical climate can cause wear and tear on the walls.

Painting your home is a quick, easy, and comparatively inexpensive way of giving your home a completely new look and feel that will match Allen’s tourist-friendly vibe.

For this, you can hire professional painters Allen TX, for the perfect personalized look you desire for your space. You could opt for interior painting, which could mean cabinet painting, wood refinishing, accent walls, or popcorn ceiling removal.

However, if there is visible damage on the outside, your home’s exterior paint is warranted, including wall painting, fence painting, and deck painting.

Following are a few reasons to consider getting a fresh coat of paint on your house:

1.  Peeling Or Fading

If the paint on the internal or external walls of the house is fading or peeling, or if you notice cracks on the walls, it is time to consider a makeover. A fresh coat of paint gives the house a clean look by removing spots and stains that are otherwise difficult to remove.

This is also essential since peeled paint exposes the underlying materials, which, if left uncovered, can lead to dry rot or mildew. You can either get a fresh coat of paint on the walls or choose a different color altogether, giving your home a brand-new and clean look.

2.  Mold Growth

As your walls grow older, they absorb moisture from the surroundings, especially when they don’t have a full coat of paint separating them from the environment. A still, damp surface is an ideal place for mold and mildew growth.

Mold not only leads to wall damage but also emits a peculiar smell and is harmful to your health. Therefore, if you notice mold growth on the walls, consider painting over them.

With Allan having a humid climate, mold is more than common. However, it is one of the best suburbs of Texas, and a mere retouch on the house costing 323,500 dollars on average is warranted. You can consult painters in Allen, TX, to help remove any present or future mold.

3.  Wall Damage

Since walls tend to absorb moisture over time, it can compromise the structural integrity of the materials and cause damage. Residing in Allen, this problem is ordinary due to the humid weather.

A fresh coat of paint helps cover up and repair the damage and acts as a seal that prevents further moisture from getting into your walls.

4.  For Improved Air Quality

Painting the inside of your home becomes necessary after a few years have passed. This is because the walls get cleaned while being prepped for a fresh paint job, removing years of build-up dust and dirt.

Moreover, fresh paint repels dust and dirt, lowering the number of air particles in your house. It can also help reduce fumes and odor. However, make sure to use high-quality dust-repellent paints.

5.  To Increase House Value

A color job is a must if you are listing your house on the market. A fresh paint job is an inexpensive way to make your home look new, fresh, and expensive.

This helps you choose an attractive color and updates your house to the latest trends, up-ranking your home in the market. This improves your house’s value, helping you gain a better return on investment.


While you may be comfortable living in your home, give the above reasons a thought and figure out the time for your next paint job. After all, who doesn’t want their house to look and feel fresh, clean, and beautiful?

And a fresh coat of color does just the job for you. It gives you a personalized touch and can change the aura of your home when done right. So, sit back, leave the job to the professionals, and make your stay in your home sweet home warmer.


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