5 Handy Apps Perfectly Suitable for Bookworms and Readers

Bookworms and Readers

Reading is an excellent way to keep your mind busy and entertained. Not only do you relieve boredom, but depending on what you read, you can also learn new knowledge or immerse yourself in a unique and compelling story. For instance, if you feel like learning something new about certain branches of science or business, you would opt for books related to those fields. And if you want to feel some butterflies in your stomach, you might prefer romance-related books or novels. Luckily, many apps offer e-book reading services.

But if you are unfamiliar with these apps, it may be overwhelming as many of them provide the same services. After all, software programs like StoryGraph allow you to read or download your chosen reading material. To help you narrow down these programs, here are five handy apps perfect for avid and casual readers.

1. StoryGraph

Your current mood sometimes decides what you feel like reading. If you feel happy, you may opt for feel-good or fun reading materials. Alternatively, you may pick books with tragic stories if you feel down. And if you are feeling gutsy, you will probably choose scary or thrilling stories. In any case, if you want to read something based on your mood, StoryGraph is the perfect app for you. Sometimes referred to as “The StoryGraph,” this app lets you discover books based on your mood with their comprehensive filters. 

Aside from this feature, StoryGraph gives you personalized recommendations, as its machine learning AI can understand your reading preferences. Furthermore, the app lets you add live reactions to specific parts of a book you read without dropping spoilers. It can also use machine learning-powered suggestions to help you find new reading buddies. And if you want to see how your reading habits develop, StoryGraph has simple tracking and insightful stats. This app is available in App Store and Play Store, and you can also download it from their official website.

2. Goodreads

Up next is an app you may have already heard from your fellow book-loving friends. In January 2007, Goodreads was a website dedicated to readers and book recommendations. And as an app, it is available on App Store and Google Play. You can use your Facebook, Amazon, or Apple accounts to sign up and read any book titles you prefer.

Goodreads offers many book genres that may pique your interest and curiosity. From classic books and graphic novels to historical fiction and memoirs, you will never run out of materials to read with this app. And Goodreads does not only feature reading materials. If you want to add a quote to your post or picture, the app has plenty of memorable and catchy quotes you can pick. From quotes about love and life to lines about positivity and humor, Goodreads has your back.

3. Kobo Books

Do you love collecting books? If you can afford it, a book collection is one of the best hobbies you can do. Aside from the occasional bragging rights as you flaunt your collection, you can also spend time reading and learning from the books you have gathered. And if you are into collecting e-books and audiobooks, Koko Books is perhaps the ideal app for you. Also referred to as Rakuten Kobo Inc. or Kobo, this app is a Canadian company that sells e-books, audiobooks, and tablet computers. 

Founded in December 2009, Kobo Books offers various e-books and audiobooks with varying genres that suit your preferences. You can pick classic book genres, such as fiction and literature or sci-fi and fantasy. And if you are more of a modern literature enjoyer, you can opt for comics, graphic novels, and manga. It even has business and finance e-books and audiobooks for aspiring entrepreneurs. Kobo Books also offers e-readers, such as Kobo Nia, Kobo Clara 2E, Kobo Libra 2, Kobo Sage, and Kobo Elipsa.  

4. ComiXology

Because of the rising trend of superhero movies and series, it is safe to say that people are slowly becoming more fond of comic books. Back then, comics are part of the niche geek culture. But as more comic-based films and shows are appearing in the mainstream media, even people who are not fond of the comic culture may be curious. If you want to read or collect comic books, Amazon’s ComiXology is perhaps your best bet.

Established in 2007, ComiXology offers a massive selection of comics and manga you can download and read. From the latest Marvel or DC volumes to the most recent manga chapters, this app can satisfy your preferred genre of reading materials. ComiXology also offers graphic novels available on Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and Windows 10. So if you want to collect comic books or keep up with the latest chapters of your favorite manga, this app is perfect for you.

5. Audible

And lastly, many people enjoy audiobooks just as others prefer hardbound or electronic reading materials. Instead of using your eyes, you could use your ears to learn something new or immerse yourself in a story. Not to mention, you can also do other activities when you listen to audiobooks, and these actions may include something as simple as doing household chores or exercising. And if audiobooks are your thing, Audible is an app you should download.

Since 1995, Audible has been providing audio-related content, such as podcasts and audiobooks, to its customers. It is available on Fire OS, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and your preferred web browser. Like many other e-book-related apps and services, Audible has a selection of genres that can suit your taste. And if you feel like trying Audible, it has a 30-day free trial.

In a Nutshell,

Reading is an enjoyable pastime. And as technology progresses, it is no surprise that you do not have to borrow or buy hardbound reading materials, especially if you do not have much space to store them at home. E-books and audiobooks not only let you save space but also help you not worry about damaging a hardbound book. These apps are only some of the many software programs that offer e-book and audiobook-related services. For more details and information, visit CellularNews.com.


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