3 Tips To Give Interesting Assignments To Students Attending Online Classes

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With so much already going on in the lives of the students in this burdensome age, teachers need to be a bit careful while assigning the pupils homework so that these are meaningful and interesting. Online teaching is not only confined to just explaining concepts to the students but also testing their comprehension via assignments that hold proper relevance. To teach online, educators need to bear in mind specific points so that they don’t thrust the students unknowingly into a stage of completing boring assignments that are neither interesting nor beneficial to test their understanding of a particular topic. 

Online assignments can be made interesting and easy by devising certain strategies that would make the students drawn towards completing those and not spend time simply slogging and making a fuss over things. 

Assignments are really important in helping the students develop their creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making skills. Group assignments or projects also give a major boost to the communication abilities of the students as they learn to collaborate with each other. There are some norms that you can follow to eke out a proper assignment or home task for the students. We will discuss those here!

What is interesting is that you can make optimal use of technology to create fun tasks for students. Wondering what these are? Well, just hold on and we are going to share those with you in this engaging article. So, gear up to absorb the tips as we divulge the tricks behind the creation of fun assignments for students. 

Top 3 Tips To Create Interesting Assignments For The Students 

Tip #1: Assign Personalised Home Tasks To The Students 

Students love completing assignments that don’t require them to answer typical questions that are usually asked in exams. To make assignments fun, you can make them do some personalised tasks. For instance, if you teach the subject of literature, you can ask the students to prepare a write-up and point out the similarities and differences between their personalities to that of the protagonist’s in a tale. Else, if you are a science teacher, you can ask them to conduct an easy scientific experiment at home and then prepare a project that would contain the observations and inference of it. Try to make them take an active approach towards completing an assignment and personalise the work for them so that they can bring their own views and perception to the table. In that way, their critical thinking capabilities will be developed to a great extent. 

Tip #2: Create A Photograph-based Assignment 

It is rightly said that a photograph evokes innumerable ideas and vital concepts that can be understood with impeccable observation skills. To hone the creativity and critical thinking abilities of your students, you can share with them a pertinent photograph that holds certain symbolical meaning. The task of the students will be to come up with their own interpretations of the picture. This is an incredibly interesting task that you can assign your students to tap into their critical thinking potential. 

Tip #3: Ask The Students To Submit A Short & Quick Surprise Assignment 

Surprise assignments are not scary at all! In fact, these are quite fun and thrilling as the students stay excited to know what the topic is going to be. After you have completed teaching them a particular topic, ask them to write a short summary of the things that they have learnt. You can assign a particular time duration of 2 minutes within which they would have to submit the work of summarisation. In this way, you will be able to have proper knowledge of the students’ understanding of that topic. You will also be able to see how well they have condensed a broad topic into a short, crisp one while not removing any important piece of information. Students would find this task really exciting and thrilling as they will give their best in completing the work and aspire to be the first ones to submit among their peers. 

Final Words 

Being a teacher, your aim should be to support your students and not scare them with frightening tasks. Take help from the above suggestions and come up with interesting home task students for your pupils. Frame the task in a way to ensure that they get elated with joy. You may even take their feedbacks as to whether they will be able to complete the task and accordingly announce the final task topic. Just ensure that the students are comfortable completing the task and you will be good to go. 


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